Friday, January 15, 2010

MLS Draft?!

I fancy myself a (mock) draft aficionado, and I had no idea the MLS Draft occurred this week? Very disappointing performance on my part. For that, I apologize.

I actually don't know very much about the MLS, but here is my 30,000 foot (meaningless) take:
-Apparently high schoolers are eligible for selection. No one makes a big deal of this (NBA, take note).

-Two 17-year olds were drafted.

-One 24-year old was drafted.

-Soccer is a top-heavy game. In total, the top five teams in the nation accounted for 69% of this year's first round picks (11 of 16).
-25% of this year's first round picks (4 of 16) played at Wake Forest.
-19% of this year's first round picks (3 of 16) played at UCLA.

-For what it's worth, Wake Forest ended UCLA's season in the national quarterfinals, 2-0.

-Harvard finished in the Top 10 and had two guys drafted. Who knew?

-The Southeastern, Mid-South, Southern, and America East conferences each had the same number of players selected (1).

-No player from the Big 12 Conference was selected.

-All other BCS conferences were represented.

-The Columbus Crew drafted the two guys (both in the first round) with the two coolest names: Bright Dike (that has to win name of the year in the MLS, no?) and Dilly Duka.

They followed those picks with Kwaku Nyamekye, another great name, three rounds later. Nice work out of Ohio.

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