Thursday, November 19, 2009

MLB Free Agents

This year's free agent class pales in comparison to that of last offseason. For one thing, of the "premier" players on the market, only one is under 30 years old (Rich Harden), and he hasn't thrown more than 150 innings in a season since 2004.

There are absolutely no sure things as question marks surround each free agent. Let's look:

Top Seven

1. Matt Holliday, OF: Are his numbers a product of Coors and batting behind Albert Pujols?

Best fit: Giants
Will sign with: Mets

2. John Lackey, SP: Are injuries a thing of the past? (The best line I have heard on this subject declared "Past injuries are the best indicator of future injuries.") Not a good thing for the team signing J-Lack.

Best fit: Mariners
Will sign with: Angels

3. Jason Bay, OF: Is he just a glorified DH? Sabermatricians would argue so as his defensive numbers are pitiful.

Best fit: Red Sox
Will sign with: Giants

4. Harden: He drools upside, but can he be counted on?

Best fit: Red Sox
Will sign with: Orioles

5. Adrian Beltre, 3B: After an incredible run in LA, his play has tailed off. Which player are you getting?

Best fit: Phillies
Will sign with: Phillies

6. Mark DeRosa, 2B/3B/OF: At 35, how many productive years does he have left?

Best fit: Mets
Will sign with: Mets

7. Jose Valverde, RP: Is signing a closer worth a top draft pick?

Best fit: Phillies
Will sign with: Yankees

Others to Watch

Ben Sheets: He sat out the entire 2009 season but has as much talent as anyone in this class.

Xavier Nady: Another guy who missed most of 2009. This dude has serious pop.

Mike Cameron: The perennially underrated Cameron is a defensive wizard.

Carlos Delgado: Can he bounce back from another injury?

Others Sure to be Overpaid

Johnny Damon: Being a good "glue" guy only gets you so far. Just ask Kevin Millar. (Admittedly, Damon is in another class from Millar but he is not that good.

Marco Scutaro: Guy has career year before he is eligible for free agency? Wow, haven't heard that before.

Might be Available on the "Cheap"

Hideki Matsui: A great postseason proved he can still hit (especially righties) but where does he fit in the field?

Orlando Hudson: Repeat of 2008?

Fernando Rodney: Sure, he's wild, but he's an effective wild which still works.

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