Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Triple Dose of "Separated," Double Dose of "Pet Peeves," and More

Separated at Birth (Part I)?

Former Johns Hopkins Blue Jay and Baltimore Orioles farmhand, Paul Winterling and NY Mets slugger Ryan Church.

Separated at Birth (Part II)?

Milwaukee Brewers superstar Ryan Braun and "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons. (Note: This is strictly based on looks because comparing these two athletically would be like comparing LeBron James and my sister)


Separated at Birth (Part III)?

Denver Nugget PF Chris "Birdman" Anderson and Jon Bon Jovi


Sports Pet Peeve #30: Bruce Springsteen saying "speedball" instead of "fastball" during the song Glory Days. Come on, Bruce. You are better than that.


Sports Pet Peeve #100: The fact that the country's worst-run professional franchises in each of the four major sports can win their respective lotteries and receive the first overall pick in their drafts (see Lions, Clippers, Islanders, Nationals). These teams, in essence, get rewarded for making awful decisions.


This is a bit of a teaser as the Banter will be on another hiatus until the first week of June.

Thanks again for all the support.

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