Monday, April 6, 2009

Sports Pet Peeve(s)

Sports Pet Peeve #6a: The fact that an NBA player can force a team to buy-out his contract so he can sign with another team. In essence, it's “double-dipping” (which for me also happens to be Non-Sports Pet Peeve #16 but that’s a whole different story).

Need an example to make things more clear? Let’s look at the Alonzo Mourning from a few years back. The New Jersey Nets signed Mourning to a 4-year, $22-million contract. Two years into the deal, the Nets trade Mourning to the Toronto Raptors. Mourning refuses to play for the Raptors and demands a buyout. The Raptors, with seemingly no choice, oblige. They give ‘Zo $10 million to rid themselves of him. Shortly thereafter, ‘Zo signs a new free agent contract with the Miami Heat. So, now ‘Zo is getting paid by the Raptors and the Heat. Double-dipping at its finest.

Closely related…

#6b: The fact that when a team releases a player, he gets paid the remainder of his contract by that team, and can sign a new, additional contract with a new team.

Need an example? Let’s look at Qyntel Woods, who was drafted in the 1st Round of the 2002 NBA Draft. The Boston Celtics recently released Woods with 1-year, $750,000 remaining on his contract. The New York Knicks signed Woods (yes, this is the same Q-Woods accused of running a pit bull fighting ring in Oregon, but we’ll save that one for a later date) meaning they owe him the prorated NBA minimum for the rest of the season (about $500,000). So, Woods will be rewarded for being released. This season he’ll make approximately $1.25 million.

I was watching a "Best of ESPN Commercials" recently and was reminded of those “Without Sports . . .” ads? Well, if I had a say I’d add this one: Without sports this woman would not be caught dead with this man.

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