Sunday, February 15, 2009

World Series Odds - Breakdown

Your team can win the World Series if....

On Second Thought, There's No Chance

Arizona Diamondbacks 30/1; Baltimore Orioles 150/1; Chicago White Sox 25/1 ; Cincinnati Reds 50/1; Colorado Rockies 60/1; Houston Astros 40/1; Kansas City Royals 150/1; Milwaukee Brewers 35/1; Minnesota Twins 25/1; Pittsburgh Pirates 200/1; San Diego Padres 200/1; San Francisco Giants 40/1; Seattle Mariners 100/1; Toronto Blue Jays 60/1; Washington Nationals 150/1

If one of these teams comes close, I'd be shocked.

Just Not Worth It

Boston Red Sox 15/2; New York Yankees 5/2; Tampa Bay Rays 12/1

If these teams can survive a brutal regular season, they will still have to win three arduous playoff series.

No, For One Major Reason

Chicago Cubs 7/1: If they can overcome the curse, the North Siders will be ecstatic.

Philadelphia Phillies 11/1: If they can repeat, they would be the first since the 1999-2000 Yankees.

Decent Value

Detroit Tigers 20/1: If they get offensive contributions from players other than Miguel Cabrera and if Carlos Guillen, Justin Verlander, and Jeremy Bonderman are healthy, they have a shot.

Los Angeles Angels 11/1: If they have a cake-walk into the postseason, anything can happen.

Great Value

Atlanta Braves 35/1: If Jeff Francoeur can bounce back and Chipper Jones can stay healthy, the Braves can take the NL East. If they do that, Derek Lowe and Javier Vazquez provide a nice 1-2 punch in a playoff series.

Florida Marlins 40/1: If the Marlins young pitching staff takes strikes to deliver upon high expectations, they can surprise some people.

St Louis Cardinals 30/1: If the Cubs falter, Albert Pujols can carry this team on his back.

Texas Rangers 60/1: If the Rangers can add two arms through their farm system or free agency, the offense can compete with anyone.

The Contenders

Oakland Athletics 55/1: If they can add an arm, their revamped offense will make them a serious threat.

Los Angeles Dodgers 17/1: If they sign Manny, they become the favorite in NL West.

New York Mets 7/1: If the starting pitching can hold up, there's no reason they cannot win the National League pennant.

The One

Cleveland Indians 25/1: If Fausto Carmona can bounce back and Carl Pavano gives them any positive contributions I love Cleveland's chances. At 25-1, they represent the best value on the board. And yes, I realize I am counting on that Carl Pavano.

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