Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Someone Please Sign Adam Dunn Already...

... and let that someone's name rhyme with Nomar Shminaya.

The Basic Fact

As of this post, Adam Dunn remains a free agent.

The Good

*Adam Dunn, the Texas-bred "Big Donkey" stands 6 feet 6 inches tall. He is only 29-years old.

*His power cannot be questioned as he has five consecutive 40 home run seasons.

*His career Adjusted OPS is 130. Among players under 30, he ranks sixth behind Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, David Wright, Mark Teixeira and Jason Bay.

*He ranks third among active major leaguers under 30 in career on-base percentage behind Pujols and Wright.

*He has the fourth most home runs in the first eight years of a career. See below where he ranks with three all-time greats:

Rk Player HR-BB

1: Ralph Kiner 329-870

2: Albert Pujols 319-696

3: Eddie Matthews 299-726

4. Adam Dunn 278-797

*According to reports, he is considering taking a one-year offer so he can test the market again next season, making him a virtual risk-free investment.

The Awful

*Dunn's defense leaves a lot to be desired. Whether in left field or at first base, he's a statue and will cost his team approximately a dozen runs per season.

*He strikes out way too much.

*He has a laissez faire attitude. Last season, Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi questioned Dunn's passion for the game.

The Guess

Dunn has had the misfortune of playing in Pujols' shadow since the two were rookies in 2001. He does not measure up to Fat Albert in any regard. However, he will come at a steep discount and sometime in the near future, someone will realize the good outweighs the awful.

From here, the Mets and Omar Minaya seem like the perfect match.

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