Thursday, January 15, 2009

50 Straight Losses and Thought Provoking Links

A Date with Infamy

After losing last night to Loyola, the N.J.I.T. Highlanders have lost 50 consecutive men's college basketball games, no small feat. Ironically, before this impressive run, Loyola was the last team to suffer even 31 straight defeats. I least temporarily.

How long will the streak last? Well, N.J.I.T. figures to lose again on Saturday against UPenn which would run the streak to 51 straight losses. But then comes the big one. Their best chance of winning (perhaps this entire season) comes on Wednesday, January 21, when they host the Bryant Bulldogs (2-17). In fact, I so firmly believe the Highlanders will win that I will waste, err, spend $1.75 on a PATH train ticket to watch it live. Why? Great question. Aside from watching history (if you can call it that), I will go because I attended the game in which Loyola ended its aforementioned 31-game losing streak, and it was an unbelievable experience.

The stage was set. Perennial MAAC doormats, the Marist Red Foxes, came to Loyola sporting a 5-12 record. The Greyhounds who were without a victory in almost a full calendar year jumped to an early lead and held on in front of a packed house of about 1000. As the final whistle blew, those in attendance rushed the court as if the Greyhounds had just won the National Title. This was the first and last time I was part of a court-rushing session. And it was awesome.

I'm holding out hope that I can do it again on Wednesday.



--Was "the clear" legal? You decide.

--Is Randy Levine a criminal? You decide.

--At least Domino's offers CinnaStix. The Mets' new patch offers nothing.

--I would watch. Would you?

--Loyal reader Matt Scally and blog favorite Keith Law think Tim Raines belongs in the HOF. Do you?

--Sir Charles has been bounced by T-Mobile which is a shame because I actually don't mind those "Fave 5" commercials.

--Keep up with Brandon Jennings here. He won't be confused with a poet laureate any time soon, but there are some interesting entries.

--Unibrowed Joe Flacco, 23 going on 43?


Stat of the Day

--Each of the last four underclassmen that won the Heisman Trophy and then returned to school finished third in the voting the following year: Ty Detmer, Jason White, Matt Leinart and Tim Tebow.